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Teach personal finance with a fun game

Cashy is a money game that allows you to teach budgeting, investing, work-life balance, and more.

How to play?

Cashy how to play 1


Create a 30-minute game or a multi-day  tournament.

Cashy how to play 2


Show it on your board and let students join with their phone, tablet, or laptop.


See your students play with excitement while learning finance!

Watch the video tutorial

Feedback from teachers

"As a teacher, I try to look for things that are engaging and make students smile. After playing Cashy, students begged to play again. This rarely happens!
Amy Hall Cashy Testimonial
Amy Hall
Newtown-Harris School, MO
"It was so much fun! The kids were engaged and challenged. I especially liked the happiness factor in Cashy, as this gives me a chance to talk to students about the balance between money and happiness."
Alecia Adams
Brown County Schools, IN
"Learning how to increase income, decrease expenses, and invest for the future, are all important topics in our curriculum. Cashy ties all these topics nicely together in a fun game."
Jim Henneberry
Marist High School, IL

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cashy save more, earn more, grow your money

Teach students how to grow money

At the beginning of the game students have $2,000, they should try growing it to $100,000!

They can reduce their monthly expenses, increase their income and start investing. If they know how to grow their assets in the game, they can also do it in real life.

Make your classes fun

Students compete on who can grow their assets the most in 10 years (rounds) while remaining happy. 

Students cheer, clap and jump from their chairs when they see the leaderboard and yearly stock market news.

cashy top 5 biggest movers
Cashy dashboard

Balance money and health

Students also have to take care of their happiness and health in the game.

This allows you to talk about the importance of balancing career, money, and health.

Who is Cashy?


Cashy is a dog who likes to dig holes, chase his tail, and play fetch with his family. But he knows he needs money for a beautiful house, delicious food, and a new ball.

So he learned how to be smart with money. How to save and earn more and grow money by investing. Now he doesn’t need to worry about money. He can play tag with his tail the whole day!

He decided to start teaching others how to be smart with money so that everyone could enjoy life. 🙂