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Cashy how to play 3

Learn about money while playing with friends

Cashy is a game where you compete with friends on who can grow their assets the most while remaining happy.

How to play?

Cashy how to play 1


Create a game room on a big screen.

Cashy how to play 2


Players join with their phones.

Cashy dashboard


The first year begins.

cashy save more, earn more, grow your money

Learn to grow your money

At the beginning of the game you have $2,000, try to grow it to $100 000!

Reduce your monthly expenses, increase your income and start investing. If you know how to grow your assets in the game, you can do it in real life.

Learn to invest

What is a bond? Should you invest in funds or stocks? What happens if you put all your money in crypto?

You will find out in the game.

cashy top 5 biggest movers
cashy leaderboard top 3 eng

Compete with friends

The winner is the person with the highest net worth and average happiness by year 10.

Who is Cashy?


Cashy is a dog

who likes to dig holes, chase his tail, and play fetch with his family. But he knows he needs money for a beautiful house, delicious food, and a new ball.

So he learned how to be smart with money. How to save and earn more and grow money by investing. Now he doesn’t need to worry about money. He can play tag with his tail the whole day!

He decided to start teaching others how to be smart with money so that everyone could enjoy life. 🙂